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About Vom Haus Favor


The House of Favor is named in recognition of the blessings God has bestowed upon us.

When I was a youngster my first dog was a German Shepard but he was stolen. This experience lead me to American Pit Bull Terriers. In my affection for the breed I learned to study the bloodlines and motivational drives of the breed.

While serving in the military I was able to meet a lot of good dog people who shared their insights and experiences.

I focused on learning more about the sporting dogs mindset which allowed me to handle them in the showring in the American Dog Breeder Association (ADBA) and United Kennel Club (UKC) Confirmation Shows. I went to a show not knowing how to handle a dog and the same people I would be showing against taught me how to bait and keep the dog engaged with me. This allowed me to place and win. The beauty of this was they were just as happy for me although my dogs placed higher than theirs.” it was all about love of the dogs.

When I got out of the military and moved back home, the Pit Bull breed was outlawed in the Maryland area so I either had to move because of the laws or evolve to another breed. After doing my research on several breeds I chose the beautiful Rottweiler.

I was researching online about successful breeders and found an add for a female Rottweiler from the Bries Rottweiler kennel, a very reputable and family oriented American Kennel Club (AKC) Rottweiler Breeder. They were local Rottweiler breeders in Maryland. After reviewing there website I saw they had a female Rottweiler they were willing to place in a good home.

After talking back and forth for about a week I drove a little distance and met the Fleetwood family who not only embraced educating me on Rottweilers they bestowed upon me a gift of a lifetime, Bries Lexi, Lexi had a great temperament and personality. She didn’t meet a guest she didn’t love. If you were accepted by me as family she loved you but if Lexi didn’t trust them it was a sign of their true character and intentions. Since Lexi passed I have been blessed to receive other great dogs and extended family across borders and racial divides.